Friends of Frances was created because of the inspiration of one brave and inspiring little girl, Frances Brown.  Frances was born with Macrocephally-Capillary Malformation (M-CM), a multiple malformation syndrome causing abnormal head and body overgrowth and abnormalities of the skin, vascular system, brain and limbs.  Her tenacity to overcome adversity with everyday life was an inspiration for two women to join together and finish a race in 2012.  Mary Covington Coleman and Kelley Norris started out as "two friends" driven by the inspiration of Frances.  They shared their story which resulted in a community of friends coming together to promote awareness for children like Frances who live with rare diseases and special needs.




Our friend,Alex Wier, continually gives of his time and talents to Friends of Frances.  Alex, who Frannie loved, created our logo.  It has a child like feel to it representing all the kids we strive to reach.  The hand in the design is an "f" in sign language in the shape of a heart.  Frances gives her "sign" or her name by forming the letter "f" and placing it over her heart. 




SSKR are the initials of Suzanne Scarlett Kelley Rutledge, the mother of Kelley Norris, who helped create Friends of Frances.  Suzanne was a true friend of Frances who was known for her Facebook "likes", encouraging messages, and fervent prayers.  Each piece of merchandise bares her initials of which we wear proud, holding her memory dear and knowing that her undying spirit, fiery passion, and contagious laughter remain with us always.  She is now our guardian angel. 12/25/43 - 2/28/15